Saturday, June 25, 2016

Breathe fresh air with these indoor plants

The cities that we’re dwelling in are constantly becoming toxic cocktails, leaving us the air too bad to breathe in. But ever wondered that the air that you’re breathing inside the comfort of your homes could be equally or even more polluted.
Indoor air pollution is caused due to paints and varnishes on walls and furniture, dust, indoor smoking et al. Bad indoor air quality is leading to some serious illnesses that include respiratory disorders and lung impairment along with eye irritation and headache. A startling revelation made by a World Health Organisation (WHO) report states that 1.3 million people die in India due to indoor air pollution. But the nature is abundant and has given us enough reasons not to worry as there are certain plants that help clean up the indoor air.

Plants that produce fresh air
Studies from National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and other research organisations reveal that there are three common, easily-available plants that are known to remove toxins from indoor air, enriching it with oxygen. These are the Areca Palm (living room plant), Mother-in-law’s Tongue (bedroom plant) and Money Plant (specialist plant).

Above (L-R): Areca Palm, Mother-in-law's Tongue
Below (L-R): Money Plant, Aloe Vera

Areca Palm helps remove carbon dioxide and converts it into oxygen. It is mandatory to take these plants outdoors every 3-4 months.
Mother-in-law’s Tongue is rightly called the bedroom plant because of its ability to remove carbon dioxide, thereby converting it into oxygen during night time.
Money Plant is called a specialist plant for a special reason that it removes formaldehydes and other volatile chemicals, and when it comes to cleaning indoor air, it’s the best option you have.
Aloe Vera is also a very great option as it helps clear out formaldehyde and benzene that can arise from paints and chemical-based cleaners. An added bonus is that you have a home remedy for your cuts and burns. Aloe Vera works wonders for skin and hair too. An important point to note here is that Aloe Vera is a sun-loving plant and prefers dry soil so it is advisable not to water them frequently.
All these plants are low maintenance, but it is necessary to wipe the leaves quite often or else it will not serve its purpose. The pores on the leaves get clogged due to dust and other particles making them non-functional.

Adorn your home with a green wall

Green wall made with plastic bottles

Wondering what to do with those plastic bottles and containers that are of no use. Why not contribute to the environment by putting them to the best use! If these plastic bottles end up in landfill and ultimately burnt, they will lead to the worst kind of air pollution. But to your surprise, using them in a way can help you clean indoor air. You just need to cut them open, put in some soil and manure and plant a Money Plant. You can use as many containers as you can, and then tie them up with sutli or any rope that’s easily available to you, and you’ve your own green wall inside your home – the most economical way.
Head to your nearest vendor today and get hold of these plants to make yourself and your home healthy and green.

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